Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ten Days Later | Reflections from Bayyinah Dream

After finishing up ten days of Bayyinah Dream; starting class at 7:30am to 3pm and studying from 6pm to 10pm, 11pm, 12am, and sometimes even 1am, I am happy to say that I am truly seeing the fruits of of this program in myself.

After just ten days in this program I truly feel overwhelmed with tranquility, satisfaction, and purpose. For years I have been reading the Qur'an without fully comprehending that which my lips were reciting. But after only ten days here I am starting to understand, comprehend, and speak in Arabic more then I have ever done in my life! At the same time I have to say in my opinion that there is no Islamic science more heart-opening and eye-tearing then the Arabic language.

The assignments, class discussions, exams, slowly shifting into Arabic conversation in all of my classes have all whole-heartedly contributed to getting to where I am at now in my knowledge and application of the Arabic language. Perhaps I am speaking from an emotional perspective and not much rationale, but I would not hesitate to say that Bayyinah Dream is probably the most advanced and solid full-time Arabic program in the west. Considering there are students here who have come from recognized Islamic institutions to learn arabic, Bayyinah has truly set a standard in these past ten days as to how Arabic should be studied in the United States.

InshaAllah I will try to post up gems and pictures from the classes when a get a chance during the week (if you have not already noticed this blog get's 1-2 updates per week as we are studying here from literally sunrise till sunset.

If you want to study Arabic at Bayyinah for 10 months and have an excuse of not being able to do so due to school/work/family etc, then make du'aa. A good portion of students at the program are families who have young children and spouses who migrated from one state to another simply for the Dream Program.

Applications are opening up in November. Make your arrangements starting now and make yourself available to study the book of Allah for 10 months.

Let us know what you think and want to hear about!


  1. Great post! This makes me want to go there now.

  2. Wasi, you have got to apply next year. Tell your parents to let you finish senior year and come. You won't regret it!

  3. I will ask them. But they will probably make me finish the Arabic course that I am currently taking first before I go there.

  4. Maybe you can't do this now because it's so early in the program, but how about a post on what helped students get in, what things they studied or institutes they attended beforehand that helped them in the Dream Program, what things help the organizers of the Dream program determine whether to accept a student or not. That would help prospective students who plan on attending in the future inshaAllah.

  5. testimonials from brothers shiraz and ubaid! haha :D

  6. Salaam everyone! Nihal has been very busy lately, he apologizes for not getting back to you sooner. I'm his room mate, Adeeb! If you have any questions about the DREAM program and/or student life that you don’t want to bug the administration about, you can ask me at :)